Oh, hey. I guess you're here because you want to look at my cards. This site is pretty new and still under construction, so there's not a lot to look at unless you have the password to my art section. I'm happy to send you a password if you're interested in licensing any of my works, or you're a trusted contact of mine. If you're neither of those, I don't know what you possibly want here visiting my work!
Here are some cards not available for licensing or purchase:
Above are some designs that I drew a long time ago which have been purchased outright by various companies. Sadly, I can never offer these to be licensed again. Why would I post cards that aren't available, you ask? I wanted to give these beauties some visibility since I will never have the chance to find them new homes going forward. Yes I'm very sentimental about my cards, and I needed something pretty to put on the welcoming page! However, I'm happy and grateful they got sold, and I hope one of us gets the chance to see one of these in the wild (please send me pics if you ever do).
That's all I can really share now because I have other stuff to go do now ;) Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you like what you see!
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