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Thanks for being interested enough to learn about me!
A very long time ago, I went to Cal State Long Beach and graduated studying graphic design and studio art.
After a few jobs in the music/entertainment industry working in marketing, I started  a vintage-inspired design company called Scotch & Cream where we produced greeting cards, stationery items and gifts, selling to retailers across the country and direct to consumers internationally. My designs have also been licensed and sold to a handful of greeting card manufacturers including American Greetings, Design House Greetings, Design Design Inc., Workman Publishing, and more.
My work is primarily digital, created starting on the iPad, using Procreate. I also use Adobe Creative Suite to finish, organize, and other junk.
I live in Los Angeles with my husband. I'm obsessed with reading, playing piano, working out, and have an possibly unhealthy fondness for cute animal videos.
Send me a message if you'd like to chat or have any questions about my work!
Here are a few simple ways you can purchase my work and support me:
Or, if you want to hire me to create something specially for you, send me a note and I'd love to discuss what you're looking for!
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